Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my water off?

There can be several reasons for your water being off. A main may be shut down because water personnel are working in the area, or service may be terminated because of failure to pay your water bill. If your water is off, call the Water/Wastewater Department at 760-6490 between 8:00 and 5:00, Monday through Friday, or 764-4456 after hours.

What should I do if my water bill seems too high?

The average person uses about 6500 gallons per month. If your water consumption seems too high, call our department at 760-6490 for assistance. We will be happy to verify the accuracy of the meter. Most high water bills are caused by leaky toilets or service line leaks.

What should I do if my drains are backing up?

First call 760-6490 to determine whether the problem is in the main sewer line or not. If it is not, then call a plumber who specializes in cleaning sewer drains.

Why is my water "rusty"?

Muddy or rusty looking water is due to iron oxides from water lines that are constructed of cast iron or galvanized steel. When water stands in the mains, fire hydrants, or in a customer's galvanized service or internal lines, it will naturally dissolve the iron and you can expect periods of discolored water. Rusty water at the cold water tap at the first draw in the morning is probably from your plumbing. If only the hot water is rusty, the source is probably your hot water heater. If your cold water suddenly becomes rusty, there may be construction in the area, fire hydrant flushing, or fire hydrant use in the area. These episodes are temporary and will easily be cleared up on their own or by Florence Water personnel.

Is the water safe to drink or should I buy bottled water?

The water in the City of Florence meets or exceeds all standards as set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management. It is perfectly safe to drink.

Should I be concerned about lead in the water?

No. Florence's water meets the strictest standards for lead regulations. However, if you have a home that was constructed before 1987 and contains lead soldered copper plumbing, you should allow the tap to run for a minute or so before drinking. If lead is present, the highest concentrations will be in the first draw of the water that has been in the plumbing for an extended period of time.