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FLORENCE IS NOT UNDER ANY HEALTH ADVISORIES!  Click this link for Facts about PFOA & PFOS Advisories.

Lead/Copper Sampling Plan - PWS #0000783


Message to the City of Florence Water Customers "The Flint, Michigan Water Crisis"


Florence Gas EFV Customer Notification Notice


NOTICE:  A contractor for the Water Department will soon begin work on a number of streets in the City of Florence to replace aging galvanized piping.  To see the list of streets for this project click below link.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  More information will be available as the project progresses.

Galvanized Water Line Replacement - Phase 1 Street List

Galvanized Water Line Replacement - Phase 2 Street List

Galvanized Water Line Replacement - Questions & Answers 2016

Florence Gas & Water Department

The City of Florence Natural Gas Department began operations in May of 1950. At this time, all of the natural gas was transported across O'Neal Bridge from a tap in Sheffield to serve the 2,400 customers.  In 1983 the Gas Department acquired its first tap off of a major pipeline in Lauderdale County and built a pipeline from Oakland into Florence. By 1998 we had our 5th tap and gate station providing our system with one of the best integrated gas supplies in the United States.  Today, with its high-pressure distribution system, the City of Florence Natural Gas Department also resells natural gas to 15,375 customers.

The City of Florence Water/Wastewater Department serves approximately 24,000 drinking residential and commercial water customers in Florence and portions of Lauderdale County.  In addition, the department supplies water to four purchase water systems that serve the remaining majority of Lauderdale County.

Wastewater (sewer) service is also available to approximately 15,000 residential and commercial customers in the majority of Florence and some adjoining areas outside of the city's corporate limits.


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